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Patricia Howe Wines

Truly Handmade Wines from the Napa Valley
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What is our definition of a Nano Winery?
A nano-winery is a small winery with a physical location and facility that produces less than 500 cases annually.
A nano-winery is a "Brick and Mortar" winery which produces wine at that site and is bonded by the TTB as a Winery.
A nano-winery is a freestanding structure with processing equipment.
There are many "virtual" pseudo nano-wineries, but we do not count them.
Many "garagists" would qualify under our definition.  We would stretch the definition for "attached" garages.
Do you own or know of a real nano-winery?  Want to get added to the list?
Our Informal List of True Nano Wineries

 Patricia Howe Wines "16019" facility is a 104 square foot freestanding wood framed shed in Napa, CA. 
 Calaboose Cellars  is a 300 square foot facility with a tasting room (wow!) in North Carolina.  Yes, it was a jail in a previous life. 
 Tammy's Wild Pea facility at Westbrook Wine Farm in O'Neals, CA is 79 square feet and gets honorable mention as it is now relegated to Orleans style vinegar production.  Ray and Tammy Krause also get another mention as their original bonded facility in Templeton, CA was a 64 square foot water tower.  True Devotees! 
 Ports of New York in downtown Ithaca is an urban winery of larger square footage but otherwise nano size.  1300 square feet and a production of 275 cases a year make this winery our first New York Nano!  Winemaker  and owner Frédéric Bouché can be contacted at (607) 220-6317 or visit the website link.  The winery is located at 815 Tabor Street in Ithaca, New York.